SIIA Legislative Update – Healthcare Reform
November 18, 2009

Information Disclaimer Note: Congressional developments regarding health care reform are fluid and SIIA lobbyists are continually meeting with Members of Congress, key staff members and other industry stakeholders, which generate ongoing intelligence. In order to keep our members informed in “real time”, we will report relevant information as we become aware of it. Given that the political process is inherently unpredictable, information communicated in previous reports may be superseded in subsequent reports. Should you have any questions in between reports, please contact SIIA’s Washington, DC office directly at 202/463-8161.

Senate Health Care Bill Set to be Released
SIIA's Government Relations team got an advanced copy of the Senate Health Care Reform Bill. Click here to download a pdf version of the bill. Our team is in the process of analyzing it and will report shortly on the effects on the self-insurance industry. As we reported earlier in the day, the the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reported the plan would cost $849 billion. This is less than the $1.2 trillion price tag of the House version passed earlier this month with a 220 – 215 vote. The CBO also stated in its analysis that the Senate bill would trim the deficit by $127 billion over 10 years and cover 94% of all Americans. Majority leader Reid plans to hold a procedural vote tomorrow to begin debate on Saturday. It is expected he will have the 60 votes necessary to begin debate. Reid will still need to convince the same 60 Senators to vote for cloture after the bill moves to the floor.

SIIA Urges the Self-Insurance Industry to Make our Message Heard
SIIA urges all those in the self-insurance industry interested in preserving the way we do business and the benefits we provide to 75 million Americans covered by self-insured plans, to use the resources provided in SIIA’s Grassroots Toolkit and contact their Members of Congress to voice our message.

The threat to the self-insurance industry and the employer-based system under which we operate in has never been more significant. Now is the time to voice our powerful and unified voice to politicians in Washington that we will not stand for any proposals that would cause significant damage to our industry and to those lives we cover.

SIIA’s Grassroots Toolkit can be found at If you have any questions, or would like any further information, please contact SIIA’s Government Relations office.