SIIA to Build National Grassroots Lobbying and Political Action Network

April 27, 2011 – The Self-Insurance Institute of America, Inc. (SIIA) today announced that it will be launching a new initiative next month to build a national grassroots advocacy and political action network designed to further bolster its lobbying capabilities in Washington, DC.

This initiative will involve reaching out to all of the association’s members to solicit their interest in becoming politically involved in various ways, building a database based on this feedback, and then facilitating and managing such involvement on an ongoing basis.

Such involvement opportunities shall include:

  • Meeting with Members of Congress in Washington, DC
  • Meeting with Members of Congress in their home state/district
  • Corresponding with key members of Congress
  • Helping SIIA host PAC events in Washington, DC
  • Helping SIIA host PAC events outside of Washington, DC
  • Attend SIIA PAC events in Washington, DC and elsewhere
  • Contribute financially to the SIIA PAC
  • Provide in-kind contributions to the SIIA PAC (for raffling purposes)
  • Recruit self-insured employer representatives to meet with members of Congress

“Our sense is that there is significant untapped political energy among our membership base,” said SIIA Chief Operating Officer Mike Ferguson. “We now intend to cultivate this energy in a proactive way to help our members get more engaged with the political process in ways that will directly benefit the self-insurance/alternative risk transfer industry.”

He added that this grassroots outreach initiative will nicely complement SIIA’s ongoing direct lobbying activities and perhaps even more importantly strengthen the sense of connection members have with the association.

Members can expect to receive a communication in the coming weeks explaining the SIIA grassroots and political advocacy initiative in greater detail and soliciting their involvement. Watch for additional updates as this initiative begins to take shape over the summer months.