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Legal Briefs/Court Rulings 
White Papers 
A Model Self-Funded Health Plan
A reference guide detailing suggested approaches to setting up and operating self-funded group plans.
Financial Solvency of Self-Insured Workers' Compensation Groups (SIGS)
SIIA outlines important financial solvency issues specific to Self Insured Workers’ Compensation Groups (SIGs).
Management Guidelines for Self-Insured Workers' Compensation Groups (SIGS)
As the leading national association for SIGs, SIIA offers insight as to how SIGs can improve their overall program management and retention of members.
Industry Reports 
Other Resources 
Stop-loss (Excess) Insurers and Managing General Underwriters (MGUs) Questionnaire
Endorsed as an Industry Standard Form for Assistance in the Evaluation of Stop-loss (Excess) Insurers and Managing General Underwriters (MGUs).
A Self-Funded Employer's Guide to Compensation Transparency
A Discussion Document designed to provide a guideline for plan sponsors / administrators and their service providers to discuss compensation practices and to develop a model for making the amount and sources of compensation transparent.
ERISA Special Report
This SIIA Special Report will review how and why ERISA came about and explain the value of its federal protections for employee benefit programs.
Model Language for Health Insurance Exchange Notice
The Department of Labor (DOL) issued model language for the “Exchange Notice” that most self-insured group plans will be required to send to plan participants.
Self-Insured Workers' Compensation Employers and Group Listings by state
Information on how to access the directory of self-insured workers' compensation employer and self-insured funds in various states.
Stop-Loss/Reinsurance: Disclosure and Reporting
Industry accepted guidelines to improve the accuracy and timeliness of disclosure and reporting of claims for self-funded employer health benefits programs.
TPA Questionnaire
Endorsed as an Industry Standard Form for Assistance in the Evaluation of Third Party Administration Companies (TPAs) by Stop-loss (Excess) Insurers and Managing General Underwriters (MGUs).
Understanding Group Self-Insured Workers' Comp Funds (SIG Publication)
Providing Workers' Compensation Solutions for Small and Mid-Sized Employers
Understanding Self-Insured Group Health Plans (Health Care Publication)
Solutions for containing cost while providing quality benefits.
Policy Papers 
Policy Paper - Improving America's Health Care
SIIA’s recommendations for a partnership effort of Government, Employers, Providers, Health Plans, Insurers, Third Party Administrators and Individual Consumers to improve our Nation’s health insurance, health care and personal health.
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