Connect From Anywhere (CFA) Opportunities – 2021
The association is pleased to announce several Connect from Anywhere (CFA) events – SIIA’s re-branded and improved version of “virtual” events – for the upcoming year. Preliminary information is provided below with more details to follow in the coming months. Please note that we are not soliciting speaker applications at this time.

Government Relations Webinar Update Series - Second Tuesday of the Month
With a new Administration and new Congress in Washington, DC, 2021 promises to be a very active year with regard to legislative/regulatory developments affecting the companies involved in the self-insurance/captive insurance marketplace. To keep members informed about what they need to know, SIIA’s government relations team will be holding a monthly webinar series from January through June.

CFA Members Only Networking Forum Series - The last Thursday of each month from January through June – 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
While we wait for public health conditions to improve enough to allow for the in-person networking functions that so many SIIA members value, the association is pleased to announce monthly CFA members’ only networking forums to be held from January through June to facilitate important connections via the Zoom video platform. The casual, after hours, format will allow for participants to be randomly rotated among multiple small group video chat rooms to maximize connection opportunities.

CFA Medical Travel Seminar Series - February/March/April 2021 (Specific dates TBA)
SIIA is developing a CFA seminar series to specifically highlight medical travel destinations – both domestic and international – that provide low-cost/high quality health care treatment services for self-insured employers. This will provide self-insured payers and advisors information to get head start on identifying potential provider partners while we wait for travel to return to normal.

CFA SIIA Future Leaders Summit - April 20-22, 2021 (2.5 hours per day)
The self-insurance industry has started to witness a significant generational change, with an increasing number of its long-time leaders transitioning into retirement. Coming up the ranks behind them are many talented younger members who will lead our industry in the years and decades ahead. SIIA is encouraging this transition through its SIIA Future Leaders (SFL) initiative. The highlight of this initiative in 2021 will be a SIIA Future Leaders CFA Summit that is being designed to help prepare these younger members (under 40) for the challenges and opportunities ahead of them.

CFA Direct Contracting Executive Forum - May 18-20, 2021 (2.5 hours per day)
Direct contracting arrangements between health care payers and providers have become the subject of increased interest in recent years. To help accelerate the growth of this market segment, SIIA has pulled together several of the brightest minds representing leading payers, advisors and providers to develop detailed “best practices” recommendations that will be shared as part of a Direct Contract CFA Executive Forum to be produced in 2021.

CFA Hot Topic Webinar Series - Various dates from January through June, 2021
SIIA has taken several of the hottest topics from recent educational programs that will be produced via a live format with enhanced content. They will be scheduled on various dates from January through June.

CFA Mentor Connection Forum - June 16-17, 2021
Produced exclusively by SIIA, this event connects younger SIIA members (under age 40) with several of the most successful self-insurance/captive insurance industry executives in small group “Zoom Rooms.” This format provides attendees unique access to those who can provide important career advancement advice, including how they can be more valuable to their employers. The program also facilitates interaction among attendees to help them build their professional networks.

CFA National Conference & Expo - October 3-5, 2021
SIIA’s 2020 Virtual National Conference was widely considered a big success, with 93% of participants reporting that they had a positive experience according to a post-event survey. We expect that it will be an even better CFA event for 2021. As mentioned previously, if public health conditions improve sufficiently later next year, SIIA will supplement the CFA format with in-person components to allow for an additional option for those who would like to participate in that way. Watch for announcements likely later next spring.

In the Meantime
SIIA wants to take this opportunity to thank its members for their support and patience during a very tumultuous 2020. If your company is not a member, we invite you to join at this time so that you can take advantage of highly discounted registration fees and/or complimentary registrations for our 2021 events, among other benefits. For immediate assistance, please contact Jennifer Ivy at Should your company be interested in sponsoring any of the 2021 events listed above, please contact Justin Miller at