SIIA and SIEF Team Up to Educate Congressional Staffers

The Self-Insurance Institute of America, Inc. (SIIA) today announced that it has partnered with the Self-Insurance Educational Foundation, Inc. (SIEF) to produce a series of events designed to educate congressional staff members about self-insurance and alternative risk transfer. All of the events will be held on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

The first event, scheduled for August 4, will feature a panel presentation on innovative wellness strategies utilized by self-insured employers. This is being provided at the specific request of the newly-formed, bi-partisan Congressional Wellness Caucus.

Then on September 7, health care policy staff members will be providing a detailed briefing on how self-insured group health care plans operate. The third event in the series will take place the following day when SIIA/SIEF will educate financial services policy staff members about risk retention groups.

“This is an exciting new initiative for SIEF as we will be delivering valuable education to a very important constituency,” said Foundation President Heidi Svendsen. “We hope this announcement will provide SIIA member companies with an additional incentive to financially support the foundation.”

According to SIIA Chief Operating Officer Mike Ferguson, this is an ideal partnership because since the foundation is a 50(C)(3) organization it faces fewer restrictions on producing educational events compared to lobbying organizations such as SIIA. “We view SIEF’s educational outreach as a perfect complement to SIIA’s lobbying efforts,” said Ferguson.

Watch for reports following each of these educational forums. It is anticipated that SIIA-SIEF will produce these events on an ongoing basis to ensure that congressional staff members (and in turn their bosses) fully understand why self-insurance/ART solutions are so important to thousands of employers throughout the country.