Post-Election Analysis: What it Means for the Self-Insurance Industry
What will the mid-term Senate and House elections mean for the future of self-insurance industry? The SIIA post-election webinar will cover election results across the country and their impacts on congressional committees with jurisdiction over legislative proposals affecting self-insured health plans and/or captive insurance companies.

SIIA staff will also provide more in-depth analysis of policy proposals surrounding ‘surprise medical billing’, prescription drug costs, ACA changes, captive insurance issues and other items.

On the state level, the webinar will dive deeper in to some key state issues, including revisions to state 1332 waivers.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018
3:00-4:00 PM EDT

Registration is free for SIIA members, $95 for non-members.

Webinar Speakers:

Adam Brackemyre
Vice President, State Government Relations

Chris Condeluci
SIIA Washington Counsel

Ryan Work
Vice President, Federal Government Relations

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