SIIA Highlights Innovation in the Self-Insurance Marketplace

Media Outreach Campaign Focuses on How Self-Insured Health Plans Lead on Innovation

March 27, 2017 - The latest focus of SIIA's ongoing media outreach campaign is to highlight that when it comes to positive innovations in the way Americans access health care and how costs can be most effectively managed, the real action is in the self-insurance marketplace.

This theme is articulated in an opinion piece authored by SIIA President & CEO Mike Ferguson, which was published last week in Investor's Business Daily. The piece can be accessed here.

The print edition of Investor's Business Daily has 101,224, with the online edition attracting more than three million unique visitors, was significant, and we hope to announce more to follow in the coming weeks and months.

The strategic objective of this effort is twofold: First, to raise positive awareness of self-insurance among the employer community; and second, to help policy-makers better understand that the self-insurance marketplace is working well so it should not be disrupted.

SIIA members can assist with this specific media campaign initiative by providing us with specific examples of innovations taking place in the marketplace that can be communicated to reporters who may be interested in this story. Even more important, is to help SIIA identify self-insured employers who would make good interview sources. Should you interested in assisting in these ways, please contact Wrenne Bartlett at

Non-members can assist by joining the association as this important media campaign is made possible through the financial support of SIIA members. Membership information can be accessed on-line at For more immediate assistance, please contact SIIA Membership Director Jennifer Ivy at

Please watch for additional updates regarding SIIA media outreach campaign as developments warrant.