SIIA Announces ELMC Risk Solutions as Newest Diamond Member

February 6, 2019 -- As first reported on SIIA News & Views, ELMC Risk Solutions LLC has become a Diamond member company. Diamond membership signifies the highest level of support for SIIA and demonstrates a company’s leadership position within the self-insurance/captive insurance marketplace.

“ELMC Risk Solutions was created six years ago with a vision of establishing a preeminent stop-loss underwriter. Since our inception, we have relied heavily on SIIA to establish our brand, network with industry experts and promote our services, said ELMC CEO Richard Fleder.  We have exceeded all goals but frankly, we could not have done so without SIIA. SIIA’s focus on growth and development of self-insurance has enabled ELMC to prosper. Moving ELMC to a Diamond Membership is just an example of our commitment to this worthwhile organization.”

ELMC provides a best-in-class platform for delivering medical stop-loss, reinsurance and Rx Consulting solutions to brokers, carriers and clients through its ownership and management of premier MGUs and consultants. ELMC’s member companies focus on delivering innovative, custom solutions designed to help our partners meet today’s challenges and anticipate those of the future. The company continues to grow through a combination of acquisitions, partnerships and organic growth. ELMC’s member companies include:

  • IOA Re - One of the country’s preeminent MGUs of stop-loss insurance
  • Sequoia Re – A burgeoning underwriter of HMO reinsurance and provider excess insurance
  • RxReins – The leading MGU of stop loss insurance for prescription drug plans
  • AST Risk – A rapidly growing underwriter of level funded stop-loss insurance for program administrators
  • ELMC RxSolutions (Formally Adler Consulting) – A prominent provider of innovative PBM and prescription drug risk management strategies
  • IR&AS – An industry leader in providing administrative services to insurers, reinsurers, MGUs, MCOs and TPAs.
  • ELMC PIC – A Cayman Island based captive insurance company that aligns ELMC with its risk-taking partners

This continued growth in the number of SIIA Diamond members reflects recognition by leading-industry companies of the importance to provide robust support to the trade association that is best positioned to protect and promote their business interests. This support has enabled SIIA to further improve and expand its membership service capabilities.

For more information about SIIA Diamond membership, and/or other upgraded membership options, please contact SIIA Membership Director Jennifer Ivy at (800) 851-7789, or via e-mail at

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