SIIA Announces Allegiance as Newest Diamond Member

January 29, 2021 -- The Self-Insurance Institute of America, Inc. (SIIA) today announced that Allegiance Benefit Plan Management, Inc. has become a Diamond member company. Diamond membership signifies the highest level of support for SIIA and demonstrates a company’s leadership position within the self-insurance/captive insurance marketplace.

“SIIA is an important voice for the self-funded industry and we are happy to step up our support of the organization for the benefit of the industry,” said CEO Dirk Visser.

Allegiance, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cigna, provides administrative solutions for self-funded employers of all sizes and all types, including the healthcare, government, education, service, manufacturing, and other sectors. Allegiance specializes in client specific networks and unique reimbursement methodologies. Known for its flexibility in design, team-based service units, and highly flexible care management capabilities to its clients, Allegiance supports its clients and their advisors with powerful data analytics and reporting, as well as the ability to integrate client-specific PBMs, stop-loss carriers, care management, and concierge vendors.

The company’s highly-trained and experienced team of claims professionals, systems and benefits experts, nurses, attorneys, accountants and managers all take great pride in serving its clients.

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This continued growth in the number of SIIA Diamond members reflects recognition by leading-industry companies of the importance to provide robust support to the trade association that is best positioned to protect and promote their business interests. This support has enabled SIIA to further improve and expand its membership service capabilities.

For more information about SIIA Diamond membership, and/or other upgraded membership options, please contact SIIA Membership Director Jennifer Ivy at (800) 851-7789, or via e-mail at