SIIA Formally Opposes Delaware Stop-Loss Assessments

SIIA Government Relations staff has responded to recently introduced legislation in Delaware that could potentially lead to another round of stop-loss assessments. HB 478 would create a Delaware high-risk health insurance pool; however the funding mechanism for the pool is yet to be determined.  SIIA issued formal comments to key-legislators urging against issuing assessments on stop-loss insurance to pay for the pool. While SIIA supports the goal of increased health options to those currently lacking them, we continue to stress that forcing self-insured plans, through their stop-loss policies, to pay for such attempts is inherently unfair and counter-productive. As in our efforts to combat stop-loss assessments in other States, our comments stress that stop-loss insurance is not by definition health insurance and should not be regulated as such. SIIA’s Government Relations staff will continue to fight against this effort as well as those in other States that attempt to assess self-insured plans. We urge all SIIA members that reside in or have business in Delaware to voice your shared opposition to the State House Members. For a copy of SIIA’s official correspondence, click here.