SIIA Modernization Initiative Reinforces Association’s
Leadership in the Self-Insurance/ART Industry
PHOENIX, Arizona (October 6, 2008) – Leaders of the Self-Insurance Institute of America, Inc. (SIIA) today announced plans to modernize the association and refine its brand within the self-insurance/alternative risk transfer (ART) industry.
Speaking at the opening session of SIIA’s 28th Annual National Conference & Expo, association Chairman Nigel Wallbank commented that SIIA has a great track over nearly three decades of protecting and promoting the self-insurance/ART industry and looks forward to building on this success by modernizing its organizational structure and focus.
Central to this effort is the creation of four new “section” memberships: Health Care, Workers’ Compensation, Alternative Risk Transfer and International. This change in organizational structure is designed to allow SIIA to provide more targeted membership services and benefits while continuing to serve as a “one-stop-shop” for those companies that have an interest in the broader self-insurance/ART marketplace.
According to SIIA President Dick Goff, this initiative also helps the association better define its brand within the self-insurance/ART marketplace. “SIIA will provide forward-thinking membership services within each of these specific four areas.” he said.
He noted that this reflects how sophisticated organizations address their risk management issues holistically rather than segmenting risks into “silos.” For example, an increasing number of employers may self-insure some risks while utilizing an ART program for other risks. And in today’s global economy, many companies have international risks that can be self-insured and/or insured through a captive program.
“For companies that rely on self-insurance/ART solutions, SIIA will truly be their most important business partner,” said Mr. Goff.
SIIA is a non-profit trade association that represents companies involved in the self-insurance/ART industry. A more detailed story regarding the association’s modernization efforts can be accessed on-line at
To read an article about SIIA’s modernization initiative published in the October, 2008 edition of the Self-Insurer Magazine, please click here.