About SIEF
The Self-Insurance Educational Foundation, Inc. (SIEF) is 501(c)(3) non-profit organization affiliated with the Self-Insurance Institute of America, Inc. The mission of the foundation is to create and underwrite educational initiatives that serve to promote a greater awareness and understanding of self-insurance/alternative risk transfer.

SIEF Educational Initiatives

Foundation-sponsored educational initiatives and projects have included:

  • Produce and maintains a website that serves as on online hub for objective information about self-insurance. Learn more at www.siefonline.org.
  • Self-insurance briefings for congressional staff members on Capitol Hill
  • Sponsors the participation of high profile, professional and government speakers to participate at SIIA conferences
  • Underwrites an annual survey report of the stop-loss marketplace
  • Published: “Understanding Group Self-Insured Workers’ Compensation Funds”
  • Published: “Understanding Self-Insured Group Health Plans”
  • Published: “Managing Corporate Risks Through Captive Insurance Programs”

SIEF Leadership
The Foundation is governed by a board of directors comprised of active SIIA members. The current board members are:

Nigel Wallbank (SIEF Chairman)
New Horizon Insurance Solutions

Heidi Svendsen (SIEF President)
Vice President
OptumHealth Education

Freda H. Bacon
AL Self-Insured Workers' Comp Fund

Les Boughner
Deputy CEO
Willis North America Captive & Consulting Practice

Alex Giordano
Vice President
Elite Underwriters

Support SIEF
The foundation’s financial support comes entirely from voluntary contributions and from participation in various fund-raising events, including golf tournaments.