The Self-Insurance PAC supports the interests of the self-insurance and alternative risk transfer industries. Representing over 1,000 members, SIPAC works closely with policymakers in Washington, DC and across the country, directly impacting the issues and legislation that impacts the self-insurance industry.

A PAC is an entity registered with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) for the purpose of raising funds from eligible individuals in order to spend money on the election or defeat of federal political candidates. SIPAC will contribute to political candidates who support and protect policies important to the development and growth of the self-insurance industry and its employees. While the PAC will contribute funding to candidates who support legislation and policy supportive of the key industry objectives, such contributions will not be deemed as a public endorsement of the candidate. Thus, SIPAC is independent of any party.

More information can be found on the SIPAC FAQ Brochure.


2016 SIPAC Board of Directors

Robert Tierney
StarLine Group

Thomas Belding
Assistant Chair
Professional Reinsurance Marketing Services

Christopher Brown
Berkley Accident & Health

Fred Karlinsky
Greenberg Traurig

Matthew Kirk
The Benecon Group


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