SIIA Future Leaders educational sessions

SFL1: SFL Peer-to-Peer Discussion
A panel of seasoned SIIA Future Leaders, each between the ages of 30 and 40, will present advice and share experiences with other younger SIIA Future Leaders in an informal “Town Hall-style” Q&A session.


Craig Clemente
Chairman, Future Leader Committee
Self-Insurance Institute of America, Inc.

Lindsay Harris
Chief Client Officer
Healthcare Management Administrators, Inc.

Ron Peck, Esq.
SVP & General Counsel
The Phia Group, LLC

SFL2: Preparing for A New Generation of Self-Insurance Political Advocacy
For more than 30 years, many individual SIIA members have gotten directly involved to support the association’s political advocacy efforts at the federal and/or state level…and this involvement has often made a real difference. With a generational change now starting to take place within SIIA, it is critically important that the association’s younger members understand the importance of this involvement and how they can get plugged in, in order to help ensure the ongoing viability of our industry. This session will explain how SIIA works in Washington, DC and various state capitals to support the interests of its members and the different ways that you can get involved to help the industry, with the side benefit of rounding out your professional experience.


Adam Brackemyre
Vice President, Government Relations
Self-Insurance Institute of America, Inc.

Ryan Work
Vice President, Government Relations
Self-Insurance Institute of America, Inc.

SFL3: Moving from Rank-and-File to Management
This session will feature key learnings from members of SIIA’s Future Leaders who were promoted from rank-and-file roles into management positions, including what pitfalls to avoid and their secrets for success. How did they get noticed? What role did mentors play? What advice do they have for others seeking to climb their career ladders to the top?

Michelle Marzella
Assistant Vice President
D.W. Van Dyke & Company

Lisa Hodson
Director of Product Management and Development
Allied National, Inc.

SFL4: The Millennial Manager: How to Manage Older Generations
As more and more Millennials and Gen-Xers are promoted into management positions, there are times when they may be called on to oversee older workers. Taking into consideration generational differences in workstyles and communications, how can they approach this charge without creating friction? What, if anything, have they learned from these seasoned professionals? Conversely, what have they taught their peer-elders?

Speaker: To Be Announced