Exhibiting Info

Despite the initial outlay of time and money, a trade show is one of the most economical ways to build your business.

According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR):

  • For every dollar spent on marketing your business at a trade show, the return is $3.56.
  • It takes just 1.4 personal calls to close a sale with an exhibition lead compared with 3.6 personal sales calls without the show lead.
  • Closing a sale using an exhibition lead costs an average of $625 compared with the average $1,117 cost to close a sale otherwise.
  • Exhibiting reaches unknown prospects. 88% of exhibition attendees have not been called on by a salesperson in the past year.
  • And, the sales continue even after the show closes because 64% of attendees share information with 4+ people upon returning to the office.

If you want to:

  • Reach clients at the lowest marketing cost per call
  • Make immediate sales
  • Shorten the buying process
  • Increase company and product awareness
  • Develop sales leads and new customers

Then, you need to exhibit at SIIA's National Educational Conference & Expo