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Non-Network Payment Experience in a Pandemic
Non-Network Payment Experience in the Second (and Third) Waves of COVID-19 Just when the self-insurance industry started to get a handle on how to apply Reference Based Pricing and related non-network payment arrangements to COVID-related claims, some important variables have changed. The infection rate has surged in many parts of the country, new treatments have been introduced and vaccines are now being made available for certain segments of the populations. These moving parts have scrambled the playing field again for those self-insured payers who regularly by-pass traditional network arrangements. This session will feature a panel of leading industry experts who will share their observations and analysis on how non-network payment arrangements need to adapt given the latest COVID-19 developments and we can expect in the coming months.


Scott Bennett
Vice President of Access Innovation
Maestro Health

Pete Salveson
Sr. Director of Analytics and Data Science
ELAP Services

Lawrence Thompson
Chief Revenue and Strategy Officer
Advanced Medical Pricing Solutions

Date: April 28, 2021, 2:00 - 3:00 pm EDT

Cost: No charge for both SIIA Members and non-members