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The self-insurance industry has started to witness a significant generational change, with an increasing number of its long-time leaders retiring or otherwise fading from view. Coming up the ranks behind them are younger members who will lead our industry in the years and decades ahead. SIIA is encouraging this transition through its SIIA Future Leaders (SFL) initiative. This highlight of this initiative in 2021 will be a SIIA Future Leaders CFA Summit that is being designed to help prepare these younger members (under 40) for the challenges and opportunities ahead of the them. So if this SIIA initiative aligns with your corporate values then this could be the perfect event sponsorship opportunity.

April 20-22, 2021

Educational content plus live discussion.

Employees of SIIA member companies under the age of 40.

Title Sponsor: $10,000 SOLD
Regular Sponsor: $5,000
Video Only Sponsor: $2,500 per video
Escape Room Sponsor: $1,000


  • Listed as event sponsor on all email and LinkedIn announcements
  • Listed as event sponsor on the SIIA website
  • Verbal recognition at beginning of each day of the event
  • Company logo included on first page of each presentation slide deck
  • Opportunity to play 30-second promotional video one time each day
  • Content to be transferred to Canoe upon completion of live event, which will provide additional branding “shelf-life”